Keeping the general public informed about the progress of the coronavirus pandemic is a critical part of controlling the spread of infection. That’s why, in October, we decided we needed to create a tool to bring all the essential data and statistics about COVID-19 in Sri Lanka together into one place.

And that became the Flaminqo COVID-19 dashboard.

Flaminqo Covid-19 Dashboard
Flaminqo Covid-19 Dashboard

To begin with the site was updated every day with numbers of cases and deaths. But over the past few months the breadth of data has grown, and the dashboard has become an essential tool for many, handling data from the official government sources of Sri Lanka.

The dashboard now not only gives an incredibly detailed picture of what is happening on a national level – but also what is happening in your neighborhood countries.

For instance, you can see how many people are being admitted to hospital and how many are on ventilators across the country, as well as data for cases, test and deaths.

These data are being updated daily so users can see what might be going on near their friends and family. They are also helpful for dealing with local outbreaks.

We’re constantly updating the dashboard in response to user feedback, and we want to add even more detail. But it’s crucial to do that without giving away the identities of people who might have tested positive for COVID-19.

Rest assured the team are working  as hard as they possibly can on the other side of that mouse click to bring you the latest data.