Trends exist in every field and same is the thing with the web development. The web is regularly evolving and growing, serving the people from all over the world. As the needs of the people are changing and an utmost attention is given to make the things more effective and less complicated, the new trends in the web development keep on coming and becoming popular. Some of these trends are an update to a previous trend which removes all its drawbacks while some are totally new to the field. Also, most of these trends come to remain there forever among which some are lost when a new and better alternative is introduced.

However, for the developers, it is much necessary to remain aware of these trends as this awareness not only let them hone their skills but also enables them to provide the best services to their clients. There is much competition in the modern web development industry and developers are required to update their skills by opting the latest trends. Along with enhancing their expertise, it will ensure the growth and success for their clients. Here are the 5 top web development trends.



Real Time has become a new trend; whether it is the data, services, analytics, news or any other thing, everything is real-time. Though this technology is there for years but it gained popularity and importance recently. There is a global demand for it. You must have seen that all the platforms that are built on the real-time technology have become an undeniable part of our life. These platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more. These platforms provide us the fastest way of communication, latest news, notifications and the updates related to all the fields.

Live streaming channels like Meerkat, Zapstream and Periscope are also gaining popularity. All these give you an example that how the real-time applications are getting popularity. And as a result, such apps are discovered and developed extensively.



Responsive web designs are the ones that are accessed on the devices of the different sizes. In the past, the separate websites were created for the desktops and mobile devices. But, the responsive web designs have eliminated the need for that. It is not only the use of the mobile devices that has been increasing for accessing the web, but these devices are also increasing in diversity. In such a case, responsive web designs have become a need.

Most of the times, the responsive web designs are also referred as mobile designs, but they are not limited to the word “mobile” anymore. As the number of such devices is increasing, the responsive web design solutions are also experiencing advancements.

However, in the mobile advancement too, the mobile-first designs are getting preference. More focus is given on making these sites mobile friendly as much as possible. It is due to the reason that most of the users access the web while commuting to college, office,  in the lunch breaks and at night. These are the times when they cannot carry laptops with them and thus, access the web through their mobiles.



Low-code development platforms are changing the way the businesses look at the app development, interaction with the customers and ROI. Instead of using the extensive coding, a “drag and drop” feature is used for the creation of new applications. As the complexity of the business websites is increasing, they are looking for the applications that would be less complex but would offer high-performance.

A survey depicts that about 80% of the customers have no experience in programming. So, they look for the solutions that would be built with low code and should be easily integrated with their enterprises’ software. Also, it enables the businesses to control their back and front ends, thereby letting them manage the customers’ requirements at different stages of the development process.

Moreover, the low-code platforms make it easy to do experiment the new designs.



IoT is a network created by using physical objects that are embedded using technology. This technology enables the objects to interact with each other and the environment. By linking the objects, IoT not only lets them collect the data but also enables them to exchange the data. The new solutions are created by inventing the new objects or reinventing the old ones.

IoT has been becoming an important trend in the web development. As more and more devices are connected and accessed in such a network, the technology is experiencing new advancements day by day. Whether it is the industrial equipment or the smart household appliances, Internet of Things is bringing an entire change in the world we are living. It is also known as the next industrial revolution. It is opening the new opportunities by merging the physical and virtual worlds.

According to a survey, about 50% of the IoT development will be done by the startup companies which have been there for three or less years.



Motion UI is a SaaS library that is commonly used in custom CSS. It allows the professionals to create attractive, unique transition and animations that add to the looks of your website. Moreover, its compatibility with the animation library of the JavaScript is an added advantage. Simplicity is an important feature of the Motion UI. It is done through easy steps that are easy to understand and result in making the animations less complicated. It is the top preferred library by the web developers because it eases the integration of the animation elements in the websites. Though Motion UI is not in existence for long, but its popularity and effectiveness are the indications that it will stay there for a long time.

In addition to these, there are some other web development trends that are changing the way the developers work. These trends include micro-services architecture, mobile first approach, rapid content management, enhanced security in development, stop of ad blocking, more emphasis on the load time, vector graphics and changes in database technology. All these trends came into existence due to advanced requirements of the modern world. And as long as these changes will change, the evolved technology will keep on coming and surprising you with its amazing results.

After looking at these latest trends, you will come to know there is s lot new on the way. The web developers are working hard to discover new technologies that would make the operations easier and save your time.

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Emma Clark, a senior web application developer at Thinsquare LLC. 

Author´s Bio: Emma Clark is a senior web application developer at Thinsquare LLC. She is very passionate about web development and loves to write about the latest technologies and trends in the field.